Friday, August 21, 2009

A Children's Treasury of Uncomfortable Moments From Rex's Return To Employment, Awesome New Agent Drew Rosenhaus:

This is Drew Rosenhaus, shirker of compound sentences. Drew Rosenhaus is what we would call a toss-up, in terms of evaluating whether or not he is an Uncomfortable Moment From Rex's Return to Employment.

Here are Drew's Pros:

Let us not misrepresent the facts. Drew Rosenhaus is a Big Shit Agent. There was even a Sportscenter commercial featuring him negotiating food for himself and his friends at the cafeteria, which he will presumably then feed to a live infant before he eats that. 


So, credit must be given for the minor miracle he pulled out getting Rex signed to a two-year, 625,000ish contract to fight for the 2nd mother fucking position in the Texans' depth chart, a competition that Rex (REEEEXXXXXX!!) consequentially lost, most likely due to his refusal to have lunch with Drew Rosenhaus anymore. 

Here are Drew's Cons:

But his company logo looks like the fucking Superman logo, if the Superman logo lost its job and became forced to move back in with its parents.

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