Monday, April 13, 2009

Suggestions For A New Logo That Will Make The Lions Appealing Again

You have to love the Lions, a team so ridiculous that its proposed solution to not being very good, ever is refurbishing the old logo. This seems like a stupid idea, until you find out that the current logo lion is referred to as "Bubbles", a name which has the type of disturbing longevity you normally only end up with when you let a Make-A-Wish child come up with it.

While the new logo supposedly accidentally debuted on the pro shop on, I am not making this up, the side of a toy truck, the Lions assert that the new, new logo will be unveiled for realsies next Monday. And seeing as how the leaked "new" logo is just the old logo minus some Botox:

Laugh lines AND suck lines.

We suspect they're going to need a total rebranding.

Suggestions For a New Logo That Will Make The Lions Appealing Again:

You can even leave the tail!

Because it worked for tobacco!

And if all else fails:

Because those will fix anything.

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